1. GEMS Educational Media Services, a subsidiary of GEMS serves as one of the powerful wing to bring out God’s Word through great Mission Leaders who serve in GEMS as missionaries.
2. Media will publish only the content which can motivate and mobilize missions & revival, it can be either songs or Messages or Teaching or Books. All the content should be towards Mission Commitment.
3. Every publication published through GEMS Media should contain all the details about our 7 fold ministries and our previous publication titles.
4. Video DVD of Songs will not be entertained, unless the video is content based. This should not have individual performance. In Kids song DVD, the content should be enacted by kids only.
5. Any missionary producing media materials should also abide by the GEMS Media policy. If they wish to produce by their own, then they should not use the Logo which is related to GEMS, GEMS Media or GEMS Publication and should not mention about GEMS anywhere in the DVD/CD/Book etc.